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Fresh Apple Cider

On saturday my brother Dan had his annual birthday party which entails the following:

This is the first year I have had the pleasure of partaking in the event, and I must say, I am jealous that my birthday is not in mid-October (although it is my half birthday in a few days…)

The cider pressing is so much fun, because you just hack up apples and then press them until they give up all their tasty juices. Pristine, organic juice is all that comes out. If it had a label, it would read, “Apples.” I always love those 1 ingredient foods, like Libby’s.

So I snagged about 2 gallons of cider and I am planning on making a sweet Cyser with it, sort of like the Redstone Version.

Here’s what the pressing looks like, featuring me with my sister and dad on either side:


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Change of Plans

Due to a lack of funds, I am postponing the porter until I can get some money for a propane tank and ingredients. In the meantime, I’m going to brew up some more mead. I’m thinking of venturing into Metheglins (mead with spices). Further, I thought I should keep it local, and I know that I can get Colorado honey at Hops and Berries, my local brewing supply store. The question was where to get my spices. And then it hit me: who is the best at mixing exquisite spices? Celestial Seasonings. I’m going to make a Tension Tamer Metheglin. I just think this sounds terrific! So, I still need to get in the good graces of my wife to budget in the supplies, but this is the next batch unless I find a propane tank before I get my honey.

Just a little factoid for you today: Tension Tamer Tea actually has hops and catnip in it. Who knew? If you live around Boulder, CO or pass through it, definitely take the tour. It’s a lot of fun and all the tea you can drink! And then go to Redstone Meadery just down the road. Both very good tours.

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