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Spiced Apple Cyser

I made the cyser a couple of days ago. Nothing too crazy, here’s what I ended up with:


Spice Apple Cyser


2.5 Gallons Fresh Pressed Apple Cider
4 lbs Clover Honey (from Costco)
Water to fill my 3 gallon carboy
Lalvin K1-V1116 Yeast reconstituted in a cup of water (80°) with a tablespoon of sugar

I will add nutmeg, clove and cinnamon to the secondary.


This time I went the path of least resistance. I just dumped the cider in the carboy, followed by the honey, followed by some water to fill, followed by the yeast. No heating or anything. It was awesome, it took like 10 minutes, but it led to a lot of shaking. What I mean is that if you poor honey in at 60°, it won’t mix with anything without a lot of force. But a good 5 minutes of shaking and it seemed that the yeast did the rest of the work for me.


Brewed 10/13/09
OG: 1.095

It smells wonderful and I am anxiously awaiting my first chance to give it a try!

The ferment just finished up a couple of days ago. It’s sitting at about 0.990 for the FG. That’s what I call bone dry. So I will rack it off, sulfate it to attempt to settle out any remaining yeast, and then add more honey to back sweeten it. I’ve never tried to kill a fermentation before, so I will keep you updated on how it goes. There’s nothing like exploding bottles of what is supposed to be a “still” drink.


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Fresh Apple Cider

On saturday my brother Dan had his annual birthday party which entails the following:

This is the first year I have had the pleasure of partaking in the event, and I must say, I am jealous that my birthday is not in mid-October (although it is my half birthday in a few days…)

The cider pressing is so much fun, because you just hack up apples and then press them until they give up all their tasty juices. Pristine, organic juice is all that comes out. If it had a label, it would read, “Apples.” I always love those 1 ingredient foods, like Libby’s.

So I snagged about 2 gallons of cider and I am planning on making a sweet Cyser with it, sort of like the Redstone Version.

Here’s what the pressing looks like, featuring me with my sister and dad on either side:

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Stiff Cider Update

She’s in the primary now and looking mighty fine. I made a half recipe and measured an OG of 1.067 and it smells amazing. It should be drinkable in 2-3 weeks, so I’ll update in due time.

Cider in the fermenter

Also I got some kinks hammered out in the batch sparger, so the next (all-grain) batch should be coming in the next week or two. I’ll post some photos of the setup around brewing time, so stay tuned for more updates.


Added photo of the cider in the fermenter and will be bottling it tomorrow. The mash tun is sealing like a champ and now I just have to shorten the false bottom a bit since I didn’t account for the protruding of the drain outlet. Hopefully I’ll get to put it to use next weekend. I’m thinking it’ll be a hef, but only time will tell!

March 11, 2008 at 1:28 pm 1 comment

Stiff Cider

After doing some reading on I decided on trying a recipe for apple-cherry cider that sounds pretty amazing. (Thanks RICLARK!)

4G apple juice
1G cherry juice
1# light brown sugar
1# cane sugar
2 packets champagne yeast

I’ll just be doing a half batch, mainly because I only bought 2G of the apple juice at costco today and there’s no way in hell I’m going back again to buy more.  The whole trip is made better by the amex pimps at the entrance and the exit too. (Sure I’ll take a free bottle of water for a 20% interest credit card. That’s a great f’ing deal!)

Anyways, I’ll post some pics when it gets brewing tomorrow. A link to the original recipe is below.

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