Sweet Raspberry Mead – Batch 003

January 7, 2008 at 12:24 pm 3 comments

This is my second attempt at mead. The last batch was wonderful, but left much to be desired as well. So this time I decided on a sweet raspberry melolmel (mead with the addition of fruit) to try and quench my unending thirst for an elixir fit for the gods.

Brew Date: Nov. 29, 2007
Volume: 2.5 Gallons
Adapted from Steve Mercer’s Sweet Raspberry Mead


12 lbs. Raspberry Blossom Honey (Bought at Main Street Brewing (Hillsboro, Oregon)
60 oz. frozen raspberries (store-bought)
juice of 3 small lemons
juice of 3 small oranges
1/2 cup English breakfast tea (brewed strong)
1 Tbsp yeast nutrient
1 vial White Labs Sweet Mead Yeast


  • Boiled 1 pint water and 1/4 cup DME (Dry Malt Extract, extra light) for 10 minutes. Pitched yeast into this (after letting it cool) to create a starter. Let it sit for 24 hours (until activity was seen).
  • Boiled honey and water at 210° for 30 min, skimming top to remove meringue-like foam.
  • Added raspberries (half thawed and sent through the Cuisinart) and covered for 15 min to pasteurize the fruit.
  • Cooled in Ice bath.
  • Yeast pitched at 69°.
  • Placed in 3 gallon bucket for primary fermentation.
  • OG: 1.167
  • Determined racking schedule of 3 weeks, 2, 4 and 6 months. To be bottled at 8 months.


The yeast was thought to be stuck, so I added Champagne yeast again (as batch 001). Turns out my bucket just wasn’t sealing, so I racked it to the 2.8 gallon carboy and now I may have a very high percentage dry raspberry mead. only time will tell.

SG: 1.106


Racked mead off of yeast and raspberry pulp. The bubbles in this stuff are really white and almost look like mold. But I am fairly certain they are not mold.

SG: 1.088


Racked. SG: 1.078. I was surprised at the amount of sediment still in the bottom at this point.


I tasted this about a week ago and could not be more pleased. If anything, it is a bit too sweet and should perhaps be watered down, but I don’t plan on mucking about with it. I can’t wait for it to age and get even better! I heartily recommend you brew up a batch of this mead!


I picked up a few gallon jugs for my raspberry mead today. I did this because it was in the 2.8 gallon carboy and was only filling that about 1/2 way. So I racked the mead into the (2) gallon jugs and what space was left I decided to fill with water so there was no airspace to create oxidation. One was 1.5 cups added and the other was just a tad.


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  • 1. Tension Tamer Metheglin - Batch 008 «  |  March 17, 2008 at 10:20 am

    […] supplies and urge to do another batch of mead. I should mention that I tried a little bit of the Sweet Raspberry Mead when my brother and his wife came to town and it is so good! I cannot wait for it to age a few […]

  • 2. Dan  |  October 28, 2008 at 2:55 am

    This sounds like a great raspberry recipe. I currently have a batch of Orange/cinnamon mead fermenting and would love to make this batch of Raspberry….you don’t say in your instructions WHEN you added the fresh fruit juices and tea mix. Was it at the boil, or after the must had cooled?? I assume you added them when you added the raspberries??? Thanks

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